NSWRFS 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice

Many clients have been asking whether dangerous or unwanted trees can be cleared on their property under the new 10/50 (Vegetation Clearing) legislation which was introduced in 2014.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has issued a Code of Practice to clarify the issues.

The Code covers which properties are affected by the legislation (your land has to be classified by Council as "Bushfire-Prone Land"), who can authorise the clearing (the landowner), where the measurements are taken exactly, which situations are excluded (wetlands, koala habitats, some particular types of forest and woodland areas) heritage issues, and other relevant information.

Councils may also bear the rules in mind when called upon to approve new dwellings, since trees within 10 metres would then become subject to the new rules. Give us a call if you would like us to assess your situation, particularly on vacant sites.  

You can download a copy here